Audio Projects

Here you will find some radio ads I recorded for Bristol Valley Theater as well as some original music I wrote, recorded and edited for a 2004 Bristol Valley Theater Documentary and a 2012 documentary called The Burned Over District. The BVT documentary was written, directed and produced by my good friend and mentor John Locke. The Burned Over District was written by Keuka College professor, Dr. Michael McKenzie.
John also wrote and directed the My Way, I Hate Hamlet, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Romance Romance, & Vanities radio ads. The other ads were written by BVT Artistic Director, Karin Bowersock and myself (Karin & I also lent some voice over talent to a few of them).

The Textured Whinos section includes a few of our favorite cover tunes. 

The Abby's Cafe section has a tune that came out of a recording session I held one night in the basement of the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center (currently called CMAC) in the early 90's.

The Jon Penick selections are just a few of my favorites from a summer of recordings I did for Jon while he was starring in BVT's My Way. Jon is a fantastically talented musician and performer and I would very much suggest looking into more of his material by clicking HERE. Jon also played the part of Bing Crosby in BVT's production of Sisters of Swing, (Accentuate The Positive Included with his audio recordings below).
In the A Tenor section you'll find a song that was recorded in the Grand Ballroom at the Rochester Club in Rochester, NY. A Tenor  is a show that was produced by Great Lakes Productions (GLP) that consisted of piano, cello, violin and two vocalists. The star of the show was named Mark Daniels. I worked as the chief sound engineer for this and several other shows produced by GLP, including Joey and Maria's Comedy Wedding, Joey and Maria's 25th Anniversary, and The Soapranos.

All songs written, recorded & performed by Troy M. Cusson

Abby's Cafe

A Tenor - Mark Daniels

Bristol Valley Theater Radio Ads