During the summer of 2011 a young doe could be seen throughout my neighborhood seemingly unaffected by the noises, people, and animals that surrounded her. My family and I would see her out at all times of the day in and out of the back yards of all the homes on our street and on one particularly beautiful July morning, while enjoying a cup of coffee on my front porch and watching this deer investigate her breakfast options , I said to my wife, "Ya know she is around so much we should name her." My wife said, "I've been calling her Dawn as I always see her out in the early morning". I said, "Huh, Dawn The Deer, ... sounds like a good name for a children's book." After observing her some more and thinking about all the things that she might see in any given summer day I wrote a short poem and then imagined the possible visual representation that could support it. One thing lead to another and now thanks to the wonderfully creative talents of artist Crystal Cochell, I have four children's books, in multiple languages, that I feel are perfectly suited for any early reader age 8 and younger. Now, I am no expert on early childhood development so please feel free to check out the previews provided here and then click on the blue "Buy Now" button to make your selection.

Dawn the Deer Preview
Dawn The Deer Enjoys The Fall - Preview
Dawn The Deer Enjoys The Snow - Preview
Dawn The Deer Enjoys The Spring