"Coming Home?"

Feb. 2013 - We were coming down from our overnight push to the summit of Mt. Meru. I came around a bend in our path and saw our guide Yusuf looking off at Mt. Kilimanjaro, which was about 40 miles away. Myself and others had been pondering how we could possibly go from climbing the 15,000' Mt. Meru and then a week later summit Mt. Kilimanjaro(19,341'), so I was curious to know what Yusuf was thinking about as he stood looking at the giant. As I approached him, I wondered, was he reflecting upon some of his 200+ climbs of Kili? Was he absorbing the shear magnitude of his surroundings, as we were? No, he was on a cell phone, as his wife had called to ask him if he was going to be home in time for dinner!